Friday, January 18, 2013

The Franklin

The Franklin March 13' Andy Hall and Maria Gaspar Gallery Info

Form Special - CAM Raleigh

Form Special Andy Hall New Work CAM Raleigh June - October 2012 Images Museum Info

Modern Model - Roots and Culture

March 2012 Modern Model Andy Hall and Kaylee Rae Wyant Roots and Culture Chicago, IL Gallery Images

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Liminal Set - Case Work

"With his new body of work presented in this exhibition, Wolniak continues his use of cause and effect to unlock what he perceives as a hidden interiority. He has created...objects that refer to ancient tablets, ceramic tiles, fresco painting, philosophers’ stones, psychedelic knick-knacks, and animism. Ultimately though, they remain unnamable.
The central work of the exhibition, Liminal Set, is a fabricated open-air cabinet that contains a curated series of these freestanding pieces, arranged in small groups or individual compartments and often resting on mirrored tiles or artist-made surfaces. The design relates to a lab display where the lower levels are used for storage and the surface for analysis and presentation. This context gives the objects a practical feel, as if they are natural specimens, but in their thoughtful insertion into a larger installation, they also play as precious objects. The cabinet was deigned and built in collaboration with artist Andy Hall."
- Andrew Rafacz Gallery press release excerpt.

Production, process and model shots, as well as final install shots shown here. Opening was February 4th, 2012.

Gallery info here: CLICK

Scott Wolniak site here: CLICK

Thursday, December 8, 2011


link: High Design Holiday 2011 at RX

At the RX annual benefit on March 12, 2011, HallMfg was on site running the Renga Game and Site Stamp.

Renga Game was an opportunity for guests to engage with a wall of RX keywords. Game contestants organized words into a renga poem. At the end of the evening, RX staff voted on the most resonant entry. Today you are invited to take this model of the winning entry. In 2012 we are producing this as cast iron commemorative signage for RX.
Aims of this project are to inspire a playful engagement with the RX organizational key messages. Thanks to all of the Renga Game players, and congrats to Cynthia Smith for the winning entry shown in the photograph here.

This project uses RXtype: a font produced during Site Stamp at the same event in March 2011. Clay impressions were pulled from the RX inventory of objects and materials on site. Those stamps were then quickly shaped into three dimensional letterforms.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Prepared Pioneers

Four new glitched objects. On view at Walnut Ink in Michigan City, Indiana through September 25, 2011.

Quotes from four composers were inserted into image syntax of photographs taken of four groupings of piano key combinations. The resulting digital glitch was translated onto the physical object by a mix of analog, handi-craft studio manipulations.
The composers were chosen for their early experiments with modifying a keyboard instrument to produce an unexplored and inventive sound experience or environment for listeners and players. This practice became known as the prepared piano. To me this method resonates as aggressive and precise, exploratory and unpredictable. The mood of the collective gesture says punk or slant with gusto in a way that is timeless and poetic and refreshed.

from top to bottom:

Titles: (these were also used as the inserted syntax quotes for the glitch process)
1) "A new approach to expression of moods and characters was discovered" after Arnold Schoenberg

2) "The odious and their common tendency toward tranquility" after John Cage

3) "Feel with the tips of your eyes, like a fat fruit, too green" after Erik Satie

4) "I was compelled to make my mind into a musical instrument" after Henry Cowell

Object info:
Oil paint on piano parts, each 18" high by 12" wide(+-) by 2" deep, cleat mounted to wall.

Top two images describe the process. Very top image looks unique on all platforms. I can't get it to post looking like the print. This is due to the damage done to its image's been transcoded or broken. YES!